Lakefront Cabins on Vallecito Lake near Durango, Colorado
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Trails Around Vallecito
Surrounding Vallecito Reservoir are several hiking trails of varying difficulty for every type of hiker! Get outside with your family and enjoy the majestic scenery that the San Juan Mountains have to offer. Hiking in the San Juan Mountains doesn't have to be a multi-day affair; with Elk Point Lodge as your base camp, there are many day-hike trailheads within 5 miles. 
Elk Point Lodge is also a great spot to acclimatize yourself to the elevation before heading out for a backpacking trip. We sit just under 8000' elevation, so come enjoy some relaxing lake views before your big trip!
Vallecito Creek Trail
Hike back for just 1 mile, or go for all 6 (one way, almost 13 round trip).
Easy-Moderate (Page Header Photo)
The Vallecito Creek Trail is a breathtaking journey through a granite gorge with peaks soaring above you and the creek raging down below. Several spots for water access along the trail. Out and back. Continue past the 6 mile mark into the Chicago basin for backcountry hiking.
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Photo: Lisa Bourque
Lake Eileen Trail
Over 1000 feet of elevation gain in just over 2 miles.
Lake Eileen is nestled up in the aspens above the Vallecito Valley. Covered in lily pads and reeds it is a beautiful sight, and a haven for the smaller water-loving creatures in our biome. Breathtaking views await from the top of this trail. Out and back, 4.2 miles round trip.
Spectacular in fall!
Photo: Jacquie Winter
Pine River Trail
Head back into the Weminuche Wilderness along the Los Pinos.
This trailhead is also a fantastic picnic spot and tent-camping area (paid).
The first six miles of this trail are relatively flat and meandering through the woods. For the first couple miles you will be flanked on either side by private ranchlands before the trail opens up into the Weminuche Wilderness and follows right along the river.
At six miles is where the tough get going! Either head left up to Emerald Lake, or branch right to continue out and up into the backcountry and Weminuche Trail. You'll even hit the continental divide trail if you go far enough!